Thinking of music for an event?

Why book a Barbershop Quartet?

Barbershop quartets are a fun way to entertain guests at a special event or surprise friends and loved ones with a dedicated song or two just for them. These four-part harmonies can provide a unique musical soundtrack to any event, from birthday parties to corporate events to fairs and festivals.

How long does a Barbershop Quartet usually perform?

Barbershop quartets are most commonly booked for 20-30 minute gigs. This allows enough time for 4-5 songs to be performed. However, our quartet has a large repertoire of songs to choose from so we can perform for longer when needed.

What kind of songs do we sing?

We can perform everything from traditional Barbershop tunes to modern hits with a Barbershop twist. If you have a specific song you’d like performed, discuss it with us in advance and we may be able to work on an arrangement and practice it before your event.

What events are good for a Barbershop Quartet?

Barbershop quartets are often booked as a singing telegram type of service. We can show up and do a song or two for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or proposals. Sometimes we can even customize a song to deliver a message of congratulations, farewell, or even an apology.

We can also do a full set of songs if you’re looking for a unique live music option for a public event or private party. We can perform at corporate events, retirement homes, fairs, festivals, and holiday parties.