Interested in singing with us?

If you are new to the Barbershop style of a cappella choral singing, you may want to consider joining a Barbershop chorus. You can very likely find a local chapter chorus by looking here: Barbershop Harmony Society. Choruses are very welcoming and interested in new members. They provide a friendly social environment for learning the style and repertoire.

The What’s In A Name Quartet’s home chorus, the Altoona Horseshoe Chorus in Altoona, PA, is one such group that is actively seeking new members. Please don’t hesitate to contact for more details or for general advice. (Reminder: there are all-male, all-female, and mixed choruses, so whatever you sing, there’s a place for you!)

The What’s In A Name Quartet is always interested in speaking with other Barbershop singers in our general area (central Pennsylvania) with an eye to occasional expansions to a VLQ (“very large quartet”) with more than one voice on a part, both for performance opportunities and for general get-togethers, in the style of a Harmony Brigade. Contact for more details.